Harry Cassidy Novels

Cassidy's Corner, The Last Crusade, The Romen Society, and Election Day feature Police Officer Harry Cassidy during his rise from beat cop to police commissioner as he battles criminals and terrorists in the streets of New York and beyond.

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Cassidy's Corner, the first novel in the Harry Cassidy series.

 This story is a tale of betrayal and redemption, intertwined with a tragic love affair. When beat cop Harry Cassidy violates his oath of office he must battle an internal investigation and his inner demons. A love affair with his chief inquisitor from Internal Affairs, Sergeant Susan Goldman, forces her to choose between her oath of office and her love for Harry. The suspense builds as Harry and Susan move toward their final decisions of love, honor,integrity, and betrayal. 

The Last Crusade, the second novel in the Harry Cassidy series. 

Harry joins the Joint Terrorist Task Force to battle OBL-911 a terrorist group bent on destroying the United States in general and New York City in particular. Despite a massive attack on the Independence Day weekend, OBL-911 suffers a major defeat and is forced into hiding. Harry gets on with his life, loves, and police career and just when things seem perfect, OBL-911 strikes again using the found cache of Saddam Hussein's WMDs -- poisons, gases and dirty nuclear devices -- setting up one last deadly confrontation with the very existence of our nation at stake.  

*Bonus content - a two chapter preview of the third Harry Cassidy novel - The Romen Society.

The Romen Society, the third novel in the Harry Cassidy series. 

A fanatical domestic eco-terrorist group, launches a reign of terror, mass murder, and widespread property destruction across America in order to achieve its ends. Claiming that existing environmental groups (ELF, ALF, PETA, and Greenpeace) will fail to save the planet because they are not violent enough, the charismatic Savior, his twelve apostles and ninety-six disciples, target gas-guzzling vehicles, Big Tobacco (including individual cigarette smokers), and the nuclear power industry. Police Commissioner Harry Cassidy and the Joint Terrorist Task Force must locate and neutralize the Romens as the fate of millions of Americans living in the shadow of the nation's 104 nuclear plants hangs in the balance. But the Savior's chief Apostle, Peter, seems invincible and unstoppable as he diabolically plans to kill all the members of the Task Force luring them to their death to rescue their kidnapped children.

Judge, 24th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards - "... a wonderful thriller. It is chilling. I firmly believe a scenario like this is not out of the realm of possibility...the opening was eventful and drew me right in...overall a very nice entry into the thriller genre."

Election Day, the fourth (and last) novel in the Harry Cassidy series. 

In order to prevent America’s descent into socialism, The Minutemen, led by the charismatic Christopher Steadman, attempts to influence hundreds of congressional races by targeted killings and media intimidation.  Former Police Commissioner Harry Cassidy, at first sympathetic to their cause, joins the battle against them when his FBI agent daughter is shot during an attack. The Minutemen are defeated, but the election result leads the country into becoming a socialist state, turning American citizens into welfare dependent slaves ruled by despotic politicians. Harry and Steadman join forces to reverse this situation, and they don’t wait for the next election to accomplish it. This political thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as the final battle to save America is joined.